DW/670/PE - Inżynier Procesu/Process Engineer

Informacje ogólne
Numer referencyjny DW/670/PE
Data utworzenia 2018-10-15
Stanowisko Inżynier Procesu/Process Engineer
Województwo Polska Południowa
Miejsce pracy Kraków
Ilość wakatów 1
Termin składania 2019-02-28
Process Engineer
Job Responsibilities:
  1. The company sub-contractors technical activity coordinator and executer, verifying the company procedures are implemented.
  2. Manage NPI processes with sub-contractors, to assure successful technical project launch.
  3. Providing technical support on process field within subcontractors and the company sites worldwide.
  4. Optimize processes regarding capacity, cost, efficiency (OEE, COGS).
  5. Perform technical analysis given issues, investigate, define and implement solutions.
  6. Monitor production processes during production reviewing parameters and technological requirements.
  7. Conduct and execute process trials.
  8. Responsibility for setting, update and report ongoing improvement plans.
  9. Responsible for proactively cost saving and efficiency (3% annually).
  1. Mechanical / Plastic engineer.
  2. 5+ years of experience in injection processes
  3. High English level.
  4. Relevant computer applications skills.
  5. Knowledge of required procedures – document control.
  6. Ability to read drawings (parts/ molds).
  7. Understanding of production processes in global work environment.
  8. Automotive background - advantage.
  9. Availability to travel abroad.
Soft Skills:
  • Ability to function effectively in intensive and dynamic work environment.
  • Integrity.
  • Team work.
  • Excellent communication and personal skills.
  • Responsibility.
  • Proactivity.
  • Service orientation.
  • Ability to handle and solve problems independently.
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